We created a collection of designs that allow any woman to express their beauty.

At DOB, we understand that each woman has a different style. From our materials to the design of each piece, we have put hard work and care to ensure that we create a DIVINE EXPERIENCE for every woman.

Focus on Quality

Originally based in Colombia, with a steady increase in DOBEACHWEAR women over the last 12 years, we are excited to bring our swimsuits to the rest of the world, so that every woman can wear a swimsuit that highlights their beauty and reflects their personality.

Swimsuits are outfits that we are constantly wearing during the best moments of our lives. The sun, the water, the pool or the sea, these are the moments that bring us the most happiness and that is why we understand your needs.

We have considered different body types, styles and colors of skin to create the most beautiful collections which allow you to find your perfect swimsuit that will make you feel unique, comfortable, calm, powerful and to enjoy a DIVINE EXPERIENCE.